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Brian Friedkin is now the editor in chief, writer, President, guiding light guru, CEO and janitor of Meltingclocktimes.com --An intellectually stimulating news publication dealing with important and diverse topics like, botched nose jobs, sexually perverted space aliens, and mutating tomatoes and chickens.
The sites below are two and a half to four years old. Meltingclocktimes is updated weekly, or whenever we feel like it.

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For the sake of human advancement, world peace, and liberty be sure to visit often President Friedkin's inspiring web sites:

President Briana Friedkin, travels the world fighting for these causes: Freedom from commie infiltration; The right to bear arms to blow off legs; The rights of chickens; The rights of black lesbian Jewish vegetarian dwarfs; and consumption of over-consumers for saving the environment. In the above picture he is taking time out from his grueling schedule of international appearances to tour Portofino, Italy. Even there he is hounded by scores of reporters. He is saying to the photographers, "Cosa vuoi?" (What the hell do you want?")

The Society For Chicken Love Did you know that billions of defenseless chickens are savagely murdered every year? Please visit this web page to find out how you can help stop this outrageous barbarism!

THE AMERICAN MINE ASSOCIATION Working to insure the right to bear arms to blow off legs!

ABLJVD-- THE ALLIANCE OF BLACK LESBIAN JEWISH VEGETARIAN DWARFS The civil rights movement has made progress, but some groups have been over looked in the struggle. It's time that this wonderful group of people got their rights!

THE ORGANIZATION FOR ECO-ENLIGHTENED PROTEIN CONSUMPTION This is the world's only organization that advocates consuming the consumers in order to thwart over-consumption.

THE LEAGUE FOR THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE President Friedkin feels it's his duty to head this organization to warn the world of the impending commie attempt to take over the free world. If you believe the communists are no longer a threat check here for some revelations that will shock you and change your life. I challenge anyone to find a more patriotic web site!

If you follow the advice in this website you can overcome cigarette smoking, obesity, drug addiction, depression, alcoholism, bad relationships, excessive gambling and hemorrhoids.

Is there anyone else who is President of so many organizations? President Friedkin should be in the Guinness Book of World Records if he isn't already.


As you probably know President Brian Friedkin is a prize winning author. (Click here to learn about the literary prizes Brian Friedkin has won.) So it was no wonder that the adventurous genius space traveler Zip PT Zoingzoing teamed up with President Friedkin to collaborate on the just completed book, "Zip PT Zoingzoing's Adventures In Outer Space."


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President Friedkin's other book: (This book will be available in the future via Amazon )

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